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 Suddenly Single

There are few things in life more stressful than losing a loved one, either through divorce or bereavement.
At Eva Capital Management we've been there.
And got the T-Shirt.


Going through a divorce can be harrowing, complex and lengthy.  While one needs to be mindful of costs, avoiding specialist financial advice altogether may prove costlier in the long run.

At Eva Capital Management we can help you work out what your main goals are with regard to what you want to achieve from your divorce on a financial level. For those parties who would like to pursue the collaborative route, we can fill the role of financial neutral. This is a Resolution Accredited position that potentially saves heartache and finances if one is able to work collaboratively across the table.  We are also able to signpost clients to the right family lawyer as we work extensively with a handful of the very best lawyers across the United Kingdom. 

There are some key pieces of documentation that can be made simpler when working with Eva Capital Management. These are the statement of Information or Form E, any pension actuarial reports and often the various offers put across the table for you to digest.  

We like to earn your trust as early as possible during the divorce process, however we may not be introduced to you until much later on in the journey. Therefore we can also take up the reigns at any point in a seamless manner. 

For the majority of long marriages there may have been one wealth planner, one accountant, one banking relationship and so on. If you are ready for a fresh start (and arguably any existing professional advisors would be conflicted if they wish to try to remain working with both parties going through a divorce), we can open many doors and provide some helpful pointers. 


In many relationships or families, we all have different roles. Some of us will make the majority of the financial decisions and often that can lead to a more efficient and harmonious way of working. 

When that key person dies, it can leave behind a set of financial arrangements that now need looking after by a new set of beneficiaries for whom this may be both new and daunting.  In addition, for more complex wishes that someone may have left by way of their will, this also now needs on-going management.

At Eva Capital Management, we are well placed to guide and support the beneficiaries, trustees, executors and their professional advisors along a sound advice footpath.

When someone dies and  their estate needs to be settled through the probate process this can take some months to gather the appropriate information a solicitor will need to apply for probate.  We can take a lot of this stress away during this period.

It is important that once time has passed, there may be some planning to be done to ensure that wealth is passed on in the most appropriate way. Often when your spouse dies, this is the time to now think about your own wishes for when you eventually die as it is not uncommon for spouses to simply leave half their estate to the other and so it generally can be kept quite simple until this first event. 

Trusts have a very important role to play for individuals, charities, family groups and more. That said, one also needs to monitor the trusts on an on-going basis and ensure that tax is minimised where possible. What investments are held within trusts are therefore key and Eva Capital Management is well placed to help in this area.

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