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Nothing in life is certain but death and taxes

"Failing to plan, is planning to fail"

How you feel about inheritance tax is a very personal thought process and belief system.  Even our very own James Bond (Daniel Craig), was recently quoted as saying he won’t leave any of his £125 million pound fortune to his children as he finds inheritance “distasteful”. This is arguably a view not held by the majority but it is important that your personal views regarding your estate are handled respectfully both during and following your death. 


It may be that you are entirely comfortable with a healthy amount of inheritance tax being received by the public purse but that you do wish for an element of asset protection in leaving your wealth to your loved ones. 


At Eva Capital management we have a huge array of estate planning tools at our disposal.  These range from offshore bonds written in trust, discounted gift trusts, solicitor drafted single settlor trusts with a robust investment policy framework underneath and investment oversight to more straightforward planning such as trust based life insurance. 


Each budget, we are all vulnerable to political or macroeconomic change that may cause the rules to change. Clients of Eva Capital Management have the peace of mind that their planning journey may evolve over time but it is better to be dynamic and pro-active when managing finances. 

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