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All good things come to those who wait

Whenever you come to the retirement planning table whatever age; make sure your planner holds the most advanced pension qualification there is. Either known as G60 or AF3 (sorry for the jargon!), this will ensure any person giving comment about your pensions will be sufficiently technical. Pensions can be an absolute minefield and while the pension freedoms introduced in April 2015 afforded investors with greater control and flexibility, one still needs to be fully informed on the existing pension arrangements you have.  Certain pensions have some very valuable benefits such as guaranteed income in retirement or greater tax advantages than the standard limits


We are all living longer. According to the Office National Statistics, the UK life expectancy rates are now 91 for a female and 88 for males for babies born in the last 12 months.  Preparing for that all important stage of life of retirement; you need to take pension provision seriously.  At Eva Capital Management, we can tell you whether you are on track or whether you have more to do to ensure your retirement dreams and aspirations are all possible. What is your dream? is it to go sailing into the island of Anguilla (one of my life goals) or something closer to home? For some clients, their pensions are their most useful tool to pass wealth on to the next generation if they have built up sufficient non-pension wealth. 


There are a number of key annual review points with pensions and Eva Capital Management will ensure these are met.  In any event, your legacy pensions are a great place to start when embarking on either a new professional relationship or working with a wealth planner for the first time.

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