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As you sow, you shall reap

"Risk comes from not knowing what you are doing" (Warren Buffett)

It is generally preferable to have a master plan about your finances. The discussion around your investments should therefore follow after. That said, there may be some clients for whom the investment aspect is the element that is of greatest interest to them. 


At Eva Capital Management we have a particular interest in the underlying investment solution. As a former stock broker, Managing Director of Eva Capital Management Hannah Edwards confirms; “ The market can be your best friend of your worst enemy. How much risk you can afford to take versus how much you are prepared to take are two different beasts and one that we will guide you through”.


There are many scenarios where someone may need investment planning. For younger clients, they may have excess income that they wish to put away for future years. Other clients may approach Eva Capital Management with a lump sum they have already accumulated and they are now ready to invest. Thirdly, for lots of clients they already have a set of investment arrangements but they are now looking for a fresh pair of eyes to review their investments. 

As a fully independent firm, Eva Capital Management is not trying to shoe horn clients into a certain investment solution. Size does not pre-determine the outcome. It is you the client; your investment experience, your investment likes and dislikes that help drive what we may deem suitable. 


At our first discussion we will talk you through all the options as this can be quite a daunting subject if you have not invested in the stock market before or you have previously relied on another individual.  Through a robust investment selection and monitoring process Eva Capital Management can provide investment solutions that spans the passive, low cost variety right through to a fully bespoke discretionary investment mandate. 


It is also a given that we will ensure all the basics are taken care of. We will look after your ISAs, and provide guidance on all the current investment tax allowances and features that can help optimise your personal tax planning. 

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