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The insurance you will hopefully never need

Insurance is not an area that most of us enjoy either talking about or taking up. Hopefully, insurances are not required in the end, however for those clients who do need to claim, they can be absolutely vital for their future financial security.

At Eva Capital Management we can arrange pretty much all insurances except those that are offered by a general broker such as home or car insurance. We can naturally recommend firms in this space. 

There are a whole host of occasions where a fixed term type of insurance may be helpful but can often be overlooked. This may be to cover a loan or gift you have made to a loved one to protect your interest if something happens. You may have also recently bought into your company and now need the appropriate shareholder protection.  The most obvious milestone to review your protection needs are generally when you have just started a family. 

At Eva Capital Management we pride ourselves on you being able to pay for the advice through a fee which may save you significantly over the years in terms of the premium if you are in a position to do this. 

Navigating through the various protection options let alone make the choice about the most suitable providers can be far from simple. We will take care of all this using our experience and research capabilities.  

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